OU cousins

My freshman year I was involved with a different international organization. This last semester I didn’t miss the deadline for OU cousins. After I applied for the organization I attended events for it. Unfortunately I wasn’t matched with an OU […]

Chibok Girls

This week hearing that some of the Chibok Girls had been released made me really happy. Since the girls had been captured I was hoping all of them would be released and to see some of them released brought hope […]

International Politics

This semester with everything that happened in the election in November I started looking into politics around the world, I never paid attention to politics in other countries. But the rise of populism in America and Europe got me interested, […]


This semester I really got interested in getting involved with humanitarian work on campus. Last semester I had watched documentaries on humanitarian work but more specifically issues that people faced around the world. Through watching these documentaries it really put […]

OU in Arezzo

The OU in Arezzo info session was an international event for this semester I attended, I previously wrote about the OU in Puebla info session. One of the cons I wrote about OU Puebla which really is not a con, […]

OU in Puebla

One of the info sessions this semester and an international event this semester was the OU info session in Puebla. I have always wanted to travel to central Mexico, both of my parents are Mexican but they are from the […]