One of the international events this semester was a discussion over the refugee crisis in Europe. I knew what had been going on and was really sadden by it I did further research over how the civil war had started in Syria because I know it is a very important situation going on in our modern history. With the events happening this week in Aleppo a lot of emotions go through mind I’m saddened, angered, worried, and confused. One of my questions is how could the international community allow it to get to this point but at the same time I understand that some countries don’t want problems of their own. I think of the US what would happen if we went into Syria we would obviously anger Russia and other countries and that wouldn’t be good for us. But at the same time how can we allow for innocent civilians to be killed and tortured and have their basic human rights taken away. Also what is the whole point of the Syrian government going around and killing their people in my opinion that is a genocide because it is a killing of a mass amount of people and they aren’t gaining anything from doing just angering their opponents more. I just know that the international community has to stop this from happening and has to do something to help these innocent people. The discussion was about the refugee crisis and obviously what is happening is related to that so what are we going to do if we or other countries won’t take these people in or help them. My hope is that someone does something before it is way to late.

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