Day of the Dead

For one of the international events this year I went to the Day of the Dead festival. My parents are from Mexico so I always grew up with this holiday my mom took it very seriously and so I went to the festival. It was fun and the Hispanic American association did a good job putting it on. But to me I really wanted to learn the history behind it even though my mom talked about it I never really paid attention it. What I did know was that it was a big deal in Mexico because they have big celebrations for it and that it is celebrated the day after Halloween. But from my childhood I just remember my mom putting out food for her deceased relatives. What I found out about the holiday is that it traces it’s origins back to the Aztec times, and the holiday is mainly celebrated in central and southern Mexico. One thing I found interesting was how originally the holiday wasn’t really celebrated in Northern Mexico because the indigenous culture wasn’t really there I found this interesting because my family comes from northern Mexico but my mom does celebrate it. The holiday is a national holiday in Mexico which could explain why people in northern Mexico celebrate it now.

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