End of First Year

As the year comes to an end I am excited to see what happens for the next few years I am on campus. At the same time I am very nervous and anxious for next year. But I feel like I have grown as a person but there are things I need to work on if I want to reach my full potential. There are things I have done this year that I wish I would have done differently. One of my main problems that I really need to fix if I want to see more growth is lowering my level of procrastination it is just a problem I have struggled with this whole year. I hope and I know I will put in the effort for my procrastination to go away, I procrastinate with everything. At the end of last semester I promised myself I would not procrastinate as much but I did and I am very disappointed in myself. Now that the year is ending I have a lot of things I want to change for next year and hopefully with dedication I can change them next year and reach my full potential.

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