Humanitarian Clubs at OU

We all go through hardships in life, my life wasn’t easy but my mom always told me that there was always people who had it worst. My parents lives were not that great in Mexico so they always instilled that value in me to be grateful for what I have. These values have led me to want to get involved in humanitarian clubs here at OU. The two that I really am interested in are Global Brigades and Sooner Without Borders, I love what they do and they both would be a great opportunity for me to get involved and help those that are less fortunate than me. I have done research on both clubs, for global brigades I went to their national website. What I found on their national website is that they have different groups and OU doesn’t have all the groups on campus but they do have some. The one I am the most interested in is the water group and I would love to be able to volunteer and help people. The second club was Sooners Without Borders I went on their website and you can find out what their mission is and what they do and from reading it I became really interested in that organization as well.

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