International Politics

This semester with everything that happened in the election in November I started looking into politics around the world, I never paid attention to politics in other countries. But the rise of populism in America and Europe got me interested, I honestly was not happy with our election results. I don’t judge people who voted for President Trump and I understand everyone has different viewpoints and I respect that but I just could never vote for someone like him. The disrespect he showed to minorities and women was baffling to me, he generalized my family and other Hispanics as rapist and criminals but there was many more reasons I didn’t vote for him. I’ve been trying to understand people who voted for him and people in other countries who voted for similar candidates, I feel like all the far right candidates in other countries are doing the same as our President, they bring nothing but hatred and division. For a while I thought the far right candidates in Europe would get elected, but I feel like the populism wave has kind of slowed down. With the changes in politics I’ve been really interested into learning more about politics in other countries.

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