OU in Arezzo

The OU in Arezzo info session was an international event for this semester I attended, I previously wrote about the OU in Puebla info session. One of the cons I wrote about OU Puebla which really is not a con, is that I wanted a challenge when it came to the language and since I already speak Spanish maybe OU Puebla was not a good fit for me. That is why I also looked into OU Arezzo, even though when your there you are with fellow OU students it is still more of a challenge because you are in a foreign country and I don’t speak Italian.  Another big pro for me is that OU Arezzo has summer programs that are business programs and since I am majoring in Finance that is something I was looking into. There is also one more thing that I find appealing about this program, it is that it is located in Europe so close to other places that I have always wanted to travel to and it is so convenient to have it located so close. Since thinking about places to study abroad OU Arezzo has always been one of my favorites and a place I will keep looking into.

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