OU in Puebla

One of the info sessions this semester and an international event this semester was the OU info session in Puebla. I have always wanted to travel to central Mexico, both of my parents are Mexican but they are from the north. I just think that region is so beautiful and has really amazing architecture it is quite different from northern Mexico. In my opinion there are many more things to see around Puebla and it is close to other popular destinations in Mexico. I wanted to learn more about studying abroad in this city and country. If I would go to Mexico to study abroad I would more than likely go during the summer, it was something I looked into because I already am fluent in Spanish so it would be easy for me to assimilate myself during my time there. But at the same time I want a challenge and I would prefer to go to a country where I would learn things I don’t know and where I could learn another language that isn’t English or Spanish. This is still a place I would consider for the future and a place I really want to travel sometime in my lifetime.

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