Study Abroad Plans

I remember getting the letter that I had been accepted into the Global Engagement Fellowship Program, I was so excited because studying abroad had always been one of my main goals coming into college. I had always been fascinated with France specifically I just loved learning about their culture and history. To be able to study or visit the country would be a childhood dream come true. I remember getting an email about the Global Engagement Fellowship Program and the deadline to apply was actually that night so I hurried home from work wrote my essays and submitted it. I honestly thought I had no chance just because it was so last minute but I figured I had nothing to lose so I wrote my essays coming from my heart and then I later got the letter that I was in. I knew then that I had the chance to be able to make my dream become a reality, so not only was I going to college but I had the chance to study abroad as well. Coming to OU one of my main excitements was being able to have the opportunity to be in this great program. To me apart from my dream about going to France I never really gave it a thought as to if there was any other place I wanted to study abroad. One of the things that really interested me was doing humanitarian work, that is something that I for sure want to do rather it’s during my college years or after I leave college but I really want to be able to help other people who are not as fortunate as me. I’m just happy that I have the opportunity to study abroad and to travel the world.

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